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The Occupy Bank

January 8, 2012

Americans are furious about excessive big banks fees and dishonesty and are eager for a change.

There are substantial economic inefficiencies in the current system, like exorbitant executive salaries and expensive branch locations, that can be used to fund a bank dedicated to building the economic prosperity of the 99%. 

The Occupy Bank reflects and represents the goals and values of Occupy Wall Street everywhere.

Help us get started. Put your dreams for The Occupy Bank in a sign or graphic form and post them in the comments below.  Sorry that we can’t offer free money.   Here are some examples:

The Occupy Bank - Protects you from returned checksReturned checks and denied credit card transactions are expensive, embarrassing and always seem to hit at the worst possible times.We hate these charges just as much as you do.The Occupy Bank wants to allow you to set your own secret alerts to be sent your choice of telephone number, email, text or Twitter accounts warning you when funds are limited or not available so you can take action BEFORE problems occur.

We even want to allow you to choose your own custom subject line so that it’s not obvious the message is from The Occupy Bank.  The Llamas Are Loose or the Monkeys Are Missing… chose your own secret warning line.

The Occupy Bank - simple, easy to read legal agreementsHave you tried to read your loan or credit card agreements and found they were impossible to understand?All of The Occupy Bank’s legal agreements will be simple to read and understand.Elizabeth Warren will be proud.

We want to be the sort of bank you dream of… a bank that always operates with truth, integrity and honesty, trying to put our customers’ financial well-being above all other goals while still making a reasonable profit and focusing on enhancing your economic prosperity.

Do you know how much huge, expansive bank branches cost?

The Occupy Bank - Just as nice!

You pay for them as a customer.

The Occupy Bank branches will be just as nice, but just a little bit harder to find.

We want to keep our costs under control and pass the savings on to you.

The Occupy Bank – We’ll help you prosper!


The Occupy Bank – Better Banking for the 99%

January 4, 2012

The Occupy Bank is coming!

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