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The Occupy Bank Working Group was established and hosted by Carne Ross as a subgroup of the OWS-NYC Alternative Banking Group in conjunction with the release of his book The Leaderless Revolution.

Carne received a good deal of press and media coverage (and at least one MSNBC appearance) as a result of this affiliation.  Most inquiries about the Group’s activities, including the media, went through Carne.

Even though the group often had several dozen attendees and met weekly, the meeting time, location and minutes were not posted on the site in conflict with OWS policy.  Operating as a subgroup allowed The Occupy Bank Working Group to fly beneath the OWS radar.

The group voted to become an official, separate  OWS-NYC Working Group but they never took action to make sure the new Occupy Bank Working Group was established through NYCGA and added to web site.

As one of the two career bankers who were part of the original group, I became concerned with transparency, longevity and the ability of people to find us easily without going through Carne who is often hard to reach.

There was a vicious, violent reaction when I brought up this web site from a small cabal on the  list. When you make people that angry, you know you are doing something right!

These were the same people who resisted talking about basic banking functions and how they could be improved and refined to better serve the 99%.

I am now hearing The Occupy Bank Working Group has reverted to its previous subgroup status, below the radar and off the screen.

This is very sad because the concept has tremendous potential.  It will need people who have the focus, experience, energy and expertise to make it happen.

Michele Moore – Happy1 /

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