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References that may help others who are researching and possibly implementing alternative banks.

Role Models:

Shorebank Too Good To Fail –

Bank of Cattaraugus – Bank Around The Corner (NYTimes)

Why An Alternative Bank Work Sheet –

The Grameen Bank – Micro Lending   “Millions for Millions”  New Yorker piece which describes the major debate within the micro finance industry re profit maximization of a “credit only” strategy versus something other than that.   “What’s wrong and right with micro finance — missing an angle on responsible finance?”  July 2011 — Here is a quick way to get up to speed on some of the often debated issues.  Microfinance and Social Investment , April 2011 by Joanthan Conning and Jonathan Morduch.  Morduch is probably the most prestigious economist following this field and has gotten much funding from Ford Foundation to work on key issues.THIS PAGE IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT!

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